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The GWS Region Circus Team runs training nights for interested Rovers and Venturers, as well as performances and skills nights at Units or Crews. Circus training is applicable to the Venturer and Rover Award Schemes.

Cirque du Scout Contacts
Mitchell Hodgson (Creative Director) 0416 502 646
Tracey Hansford; Ph 0416 242 281
Website: Cirque de Scout - NSW Scouts Circus Activities
Contact: Send a message through the Circus Facebook page

Skills Nights
Cirque du Scout provide skills nights for units or crews if booked in ADVANCE. Bookings are essential and numbers are limited as we are often preparing for a performance. We love to host the sections and teach them cool stuff! Cost is $5 per person.

Circus Training Nights

Cirque du Scout training takes place on the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Thursday of every month, beginning on Tuesday 7th February and ending on Tuesday 4th April for first term. Training will usually take place in the Brownsea Hut at Bundilla Scout Camp, 6 Baden Powell Place, Winston Hills NSW 2153. The except will be if there is another booking on the hut, which happens very rarely, in which case training will be open-air at Bundilla or at an alternate site as advised prior to the meeting date.

General Circus:

All participants in Circus Training must undergo a risk and safety induction before participating. Training on any prop or activity will be under the guidance of more experienced members of the Cirque du Scout collective. The $5 collected covers site costs and consumables.

Fire related Activities:

Any scouting members wishing to participate in Fire Activities including training and performance must separately familiarise themselves with Chapter 46 of the Scouts NSW WHS handbook prior to participation, must be 15 years or over and must have parental consent if under the age of 18. Participants must achieve a competent skill level as assessed by ACAPTA trained peer assessors prior to being allowed to participate in any fire related activities. In addition, a Fire Safety Session must be attended and completed.

Venturers from any group and of any experience level are encouraged to turn up to the Tuesday night introductory training sessions, this is a good night to bring friends with no prior exposure to circus. Thursday night meets are aimed at Venturers, Rovers and Leaders with some circus experience to improve and hone their teaching and performance skills, as well as learn more technical aspects of their circus skills.

Training in performance skills, choreography and other aspects of circus is available. It is learning by doing, so be prepared to have fun!

* Props we teach:- Poi, Diabolo, Hoops, Staff, Contact Staff, Double Staff, Rope Dart, Stilts, Plates, Balloon Modelling, Whips, Contact Juggling, Juggling (Hoops, Balls, Clubs – sorry no chainsaws), Devil sticks and Acro-balance- what more could you want!

* We also are training on a Roue Cyr (Cyr Wheel) (Google and You Tube it = way cool). Coming soon (we hope and grants permitting) – Aerials!

* Wear suitable attire; as in free moving clothing that will not catch in props (no flowing clothes, keep it close to your body but not too tight) Shoes are mandatory unless doing an acro session. If you want to learn hoops - bring gym pants, crop top and ballet flats (hello boys).

* Training sessions and performances are run “by the book” and the book is Chapter 46 of the Scouts Australia NSW WHS Manual.

* Fire training is provided only with parental permission (Venturers) and after performers have developed sufficient skills with a prop and completed the fire safety training.

* Fire Skills Assessments are conducted intermittently and will be advertised in the Bulletin and on the GWS Circus Webpages.

* The leaders in charge on training nights are Ayla Jones and Tracey Hansford with Josh Overland (in training). Mitchell Hodgson is the Creative Director.

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