Flying Fox

The flying fox team is in urgent need of more people to join their team
GWSR Flying Fox Coordinator
C/O Mark Fell (RC Activities)

Some are known as “Foxers” others are known as “those guys in the lime green shirts” Which ever way you know them, the flying fox team has a great time offering this fantastic Scouting experience to all!

Who can do this?

All sections of the movement are able to participate.

When can I do this?

Major events. The flying fox team provides support and service to various yearly displays and activities such as the Jamborette.
If you would like them to coordinate an activity please give them plenty of notice to provide assistance.

Qualifications required?

Flying Fox is a high risk activity and is only to be set up and run by instructors and operated by qualified people under the NSW Branch Flying Fox policy.

Training courses are run by the flying fox team - check the Region Bulletin or contact Region Office for more information about courses throughout the year.

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