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GWSR Radio, Science & Technology Coordinator
John Leahy

The Radio, Science and Technology team offer various programmes catered to the interests and abilities of our youth sections. These programmes are listed below.

The team is kept very busy throughout the year and bookings need to be made months in advance. Contact John Leahy on the details above to make a booking. Please note a small fee applies.



Arcs and Sparks # #
Chemistry # # #
Cyborg # #
Hover # #
Kitchen Chemistry #
Lasers # #
Light # # #
Liquid Nitrogen # #
Magnetics # #
Pyro Rockets # #
Sound # # #
Spys & Codes #
Water Rockets # # # #


Arcs & Sparks

Suitable for: Cubs
Electroscope- seeing charge, Move can with electrostatics, Van de Graaff generator- big sparks, Make an electrophorus to take home, Magnet falls slowly, Floating magnets, Fields around magnets and wire hooked to battery, Magnets act through materials, Simple motor, shake torch, Lemon battery.

Suitable for: Scouts
S- As above plus: Electrostatic motor, Car Ignition set up, Jacob’s Ladder.


Suitable for: Cubs, Scouts
Burning Pharaoh’s serpents, Sucking the water out of Sugar. Condys Crystals in water, take the Oxygen out of Hydrogen Peroxide. Elements- what are they? Sulphur- where does it come from, different forms. Melt to make plastic Sulphur. Burn to make SO2 - Bleach flower. Restore flower colour with Hydrogen Peroxide. Combine Sulphur with Iron wool, add Acid to make Rotten Egg gas. Starting fire with water and Glycerine. Magic burning newspaper. Sparklers.

Suitable for: Venturers
As above plus ‘Fire under water‘, Launch ‘Candy Rocket’.


Suitable for: Venturers, Rovers
Visualise your Pulse- Light through finger, Blood Pressure meter. See and hear your Heart Beat- Microphone, Electrical signals picked up by Electrodes. Lie Detector- Electrodes on fingers, by tone change and computer program. Biofeedback - induce relaxation by synchronising flashing lights to Brain Rhythms. Biorhythms- natural body cycles, are we compatible?




Suitable for: Cubs
Short discussion on Friction, when we need it, when we don’t. What’s gravity got to do with it? Rubbing objects together. Pull each outer around the hall on board: with rods under: then with wheels. How can we reduce friction? With wings, lighter than air balloon, magnetic levitation. Game with hover toy – floats on air. Make balloon hover CD to race & take home. Ride on Hover Disk in pairs.

Download sample programme (Cubs - Hover)

Suitable for: Scouts
As above plus: Electrostatic floater stick. Each have a go pulling and controlling Hover Disk – Newtons laws.

Kitchen Chemistry

Suitable for: Joeys
Separate colours in texta pens. Bicarb changes yellow paper to red, Vinegar changes red paper to yellow, Candle extinguished by Bicarb & Vinegar, Spontaneous combustion, Magic burning newspaper. Sparklers.


Suitable for: Venturers, Rovers
Safety precautions. HeNe Gas Laser description, Laser Printer engine- how it works, Voice over Laser, Solar Phone - reflective Spy listening device. Showing internals of frosted light globes. Where’s the Laser in a CD or DVD player? Various diffraction, polarising and reflective properties of Lasers. Board Game ‘Deflexion’


Suitable for: Joeys
How the eye works, Colours of the rainbow - colour in, Which objects emit light? -colour in and stick on, How colours appear under coloured light, Light passes through - colour in, Glow sticks Game- throw the glowing ball

Suitable for: Cubs, Scouts
How the eye works, Game: ‘Defend the Flame’, How colours appear under coloured light, How the Camera works, Game: Glowing Kim’s game, Polarised light through clear plastic, Light through Fibre optics, music over Laser beam, UV secret writing, Plasma Ball & Plate, Virtual projected image. Glow sticks - Game: Strobe Light-throw the ball.

Liquid Nitrogen

Suitable for: Venturers, Rovers
Safety precautions. Frozen Marshmellows. Shrinking balloon by liquidifing air. Spinning Ping Pong ball. Dip & Break- flowers, rubber ball, whatever. Hammer in Blue Tak ‘nail’ into wood. Frozen Banana hammers in iron nail. ’ Car bulb lights under LN2. LEDs change colour. Slows Chemical reactions- AA cell, glow stick. Pigments change colour. Superconductor levitates magnet. Make & eat Instant Ice crème

Download sample programme (Liquid Nitrogen)


Suitable for: Joeys, Cubs
Fields around magnets, Magnets act through materials, Magnetise a needle, Play with: magnetic rings & rollers, darts, sticks & balls. Game: ‘Magnetic Fish‘.

Download sample programme (Joeys - Magnetics)

Download sample programme (Cubs - Magnetics Electrostatic)

Pyro Rockets

Suitable for: Venturers, Rovers
Model rocket construction and operation. Safety precautions. Load and launch small Candy Rocket.


Suitable for: Joeys
How the ear works, Which animals make the loudest noise? - colour in, Experiment with various sound producing objects, Game: ‘Match the Sounds‘. Make the Whizz Bang, Game: ‘Throw the Whistling Football’

Suitable for: Cubs, Scouts
How the ear works, Why we have two ears, Game: ‘Who said that?’ Experiment with various sound producing objects, Game: ‘Match the Sounds‘. Make the Whizz Bang, Game: ‘Throw the Whistling Football’

Spys & Codes

Suitable for: Cubs
Game: ‘NSEW’ - Semaphore. Make a Code Wheel, use to decode Treasure map. Try out Spy Equipment- Big Ear, Spy FM Bug, Laser reflector. Invisible Writing- vinegar, UV pen, Change colour pen. Game -‘Spy Maze’ get through without setting off alarms.

Water Rockets

Suitable for: Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers
Disk Burst Rockets, Water Rockets, In the Hall- Foam rockets, Game: ‘Fuel the Rocket’. Outside after dark- Water rockets with Glow Sticks, Glow frizbee, Large Hover Disk.

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