GWSR Rockcraft Coordinator
Stuart Cowen

General Information 
Discover rockcraft activities within GWSR. You must have SIS level 1 to do Canyoning and Caving this is for Venturers age 15 and above.

Are you up the challenge? Jump off a cliff the safe way, with the Region Abseiling Team.

Experience the unique environment of the Blue Mountains Canyons, and at the same time test your adventure skills including abseiling, swimmiing and bushwalking.

Explore the underground world with our Caving Team.

Rock climbing 
If you like to live life on the edge, rock climbing is certainly one way to experience it

Handbooks & record of proficiency forms

Course E1 Forms

To get an E1 form for a Rock Activity:

  1. Look at the Rock Calendar on this website to find the date and type of activity.
  2. Go to the Region Web Calendar (Activities) -
  3. Click on the activity on the relevant date to get the details of the activity.
  4. Download the E1 form and fill in the Departure and Arrival details depending on your group’s travel arrangements. If the form is not available, please contact the activity organiser listed on the calendar event for more information. 


Rockcraft Links

NSW Branch Rock Related Policy - available from NSW Scouts Website
Animated Knots - learn how to tie knots








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