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If you are looking for an outdoor adventure with a difference and and love the bush, then Canyoning is for you. Canyoning involves traversing through deep horizontal sandstone slots that have been carved out by rivers or creeks over millions of years. The adventure usually involves some creek walking, wading or swimming, maybe some li-loing, rock scrambling and on the more advanced canyons abseiling down waterfalls.  Canyoners can expect to jump into pools of crystal clear water, swim through long passages, abseil down cascading waterfalls and paddle leisurely through subterranean waterways! The canyons are home to much unique plant and animal life including colourful flora, lush ferns, exotic mosses, native fish and multicoloured yabbies which can all be seen on a day in the canyons.

Who can do it?
Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, and Leaders. 

When can I do this?
Canyoning season is usually mid spring to mid autumn, however there are a number of "dry"  canyons that can be done in winter quite comfortably. Canyoning is very dependent on weather conditions and may be cancelled due to heavy rain. Canyon trips are usually day trips, but may include weekend  adventures.

Qualifications Required
The activity must be under the control of an accredited Canyoning Guide at all times. The Canyoning Team is more than happy to  provide your Group with a Guide to attend your own Canyoning expedition if you  do not hold appropriate qualifications.

Course Prerequisites

All course participants must be able to swim 50m. For Horizontal Canyons there are typically no other pre-requisites.

For Vertical Canyons (involving Abseiling) all participants must hold the Abseiler Level 1 qualification.

To Guide a canyon the individual must hold the appropriate SIS10 Canyon qualification. 

Additional pre-requisiites may apply for specific canyons depending on their difficulty.

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Course Dates & Costs

Canyon trips can be arranged for individual sections to suit your program, so send me an email at () so we can work out a canyon and date to suit.

We run several scheduled trips each year, which are published on the GWS Regional Calendar.

Applications and course fee must be at Region Office as shown on the A1, but typically no later than two
(2) weeks prior to the course start date.

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