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Meredith Stewart
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For those who love the thrill of underground adventures, Caving is the activity for you! Caving is the sport of exploring naturally formed caves, above and below ground, both horizontal (walked or crawled through) and vertical (involving abseiling and ladder climbing).

Who can do it?
Caving varies in degree of difficulty and is available to all members of the movement from 11 years of age. It is most popular in the Venturer and Rover sections.

When can I do this?
All year round, day trips, weekends.

Qualifications required
Activity must be under the control of a Caving Instructor.

Course Prerequisites
Caver (Basic) This level requires a current Rockcraft (Basic) certification to participate in these weekend trips.
Caving Leader This level requires a current Abseil Leader, a Caver (Basic) qualification and a current First Aid Certificate (senior level or above)
Caving Instructor Those people interested in this level of qualification should contact the Caving coordinator (see below)

Course Dates & Costs
Please see Bulletin notices, Region website, or Region Office.

Applications and course fee must be at Region Office no later than two (2) weeks prior to the course start date.

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