About Scout Fellowship

Scout Fellowship is designed to provide opportunities for members to enjoy mutual fellowship, maintain active membership within the Scout Movement and continue the ideals of service to Scouting and the Community.

The Principle Aims of the Scout Fellowship are....

Retention of Members

People, who are over the age of 26, unless they take out or continue to hold a Certificate of Adult Leadership, are lost to the Movement.
Retention of a wealth of contacts, interest, knowledge and experience gained through many years of involvement within the Movement.  (Joeys through to Rovers or service as a Leader)
By keeping interest and involvement in the Movement there is a greater potential for Fellowship members to possibly take out adult leadership appointments in the future.

New Members

Potential for members who have not previously been members of the Movement.
Those who wish to rejoin the Movement after a period of absence.
Those current members considering leaving the Movement with time constraints due to other commitments ie career, family, travel, continuing education.

Social Aspect

Maintain contact and support with other Scout formations.
Hold social activities to promote Scouting as a family activity.
Current appointed Leaders may join the Scout Fellowship for the social aspects and to help maintain their level of enthusiasm in the Movement and to offer their expert skills to specific activity roles.

Fellowship Structure (as per NSW O&I Handbook)

The Scout Fellowships are formations of the Scout Association of Australia, NSW Branch.
Scout Fellowships may be formed at Group, Region or Branch levels.
Scout Fellowships will be coordinated by a Branch Fellowship Council, which has the following functions:-

  • To promote Scout Fellowships and Fellowship activities
  • To encourage the development of Scout Fellowships within the Branch.
  • To make decisions about the Rules and Methods by which it governs, administers and implements its operations.
  • To set the standards for Scout Fellowships within the Branch.
  • The Branch Fellowship Council will consist of Delegates elected from the Fellowships in the Branch.
  • The Branch Fellowship Council will have a Chairman/President, Secretary, Treasurer and other such officers as deemed appropriate.
  • Each Scout Fellowship will have a Chairman/President, Secretary, Treasurer and other such officers as deemed appropriate.
The NSW Branch Scout Fellowship Council (BSFC)

The Branch Scout Fellowship Council is made up with delegates from each Fellowship formation.  It currently has the positions of Chair/President, Secretary, Treasurer and Public Relations Officer.

The operation of the BSFC is overseen by the State commissioner Scout Fellowships.

The role of the BSFC is to be the focal communications point between the Branch (and other Branch Fellowship Councils) and each formation.  The BSFC must approve the formation of each Fellowship and approve Applications for Membership.
Any guidance or information regarding Scout Fellowship can be gained from the BSFC.


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