Scout Fellowship

Scout Fellowship is designed to provide opportunities for members to enjoy mutual fellowship, maintain active membership within the Scout Movement and continue the ideals of service to Scouting and the Community.

The principle aims of the Scout Fellowship are...

  1. To retain existing Members
  2. To attract new Members
  3. To provide a social peer network


In the Greater Western Sydney Region, we have 4 active Scout Fellowship groups and one new Scout Fellowship opening soon.

Cumberland Gang Show Scout Fellowship

Meet the 3rd Friday of every month, with even months being formal meetings, and odd months a variety of social activities. Contact Dr Jeannie Wood (Secretary)  or Adrian Wilson (Activity co-ordinator)

Pinnaroo Scout Fellowship

At Pinnaroo Scout Fellowship we get involved with a variety of activities, helping out within Scouting and our Community and having fun. Our members are as varied as our activities, some with a Scouting bacground, some still active in the Movement, while others have never been part of Scouting before.

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 8pm at Westmead Scout Hall and welcome any visitors.

Black Horse Scout Fellowship

Information to go here - please contact the webmaster!

Blue Mountains Scout Fellowship

At Blue Mountains Scout Fellowship we currently have around 18 members and 3 interested rovers "coming-up".

Some are full-time leaders of a youth section or in region executive and others are casual members that float in and out as they can. Some have special skills like abseil and canyon instructors, amateur radio operators or first aiders and others just like to be part of the fun.

Some enjoy challenges of the outdoors, some prefer the 'lighter' social approach and others like a mix of both.

But what we all have in common is a passion for Scouting - a desire to help today's youth enjoy the outdoors, make long-life friendships and grow into trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly..... wait a minute this list is sounding oddly familiar.... members of our greater community. Oh and we all (well most of us) live in and around Sydney's Blue Mountains.

If we can can help your mob, pack, troop, unit, crew, group, or someone else in the wider community, contact us- we'd love to help. And if we can help you join, stay in or get more involved in Scouting and the community then contact us - we'd love for you to join us.

For more information visit the Blue Mountains Fellowship website.

Waratah Activity Scout Fellowship

Our newest Scout Fellowship in the Region is dedicated to supporting the Venturer Scout section and their Annual Region Camp - Waratah.

For more information and to download an application form, visit the Waratah Activity Scout Fellowship website.


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