Balls of Steel

What are the Balls of Steel?

It is an inter-crew challenge for members of Greater Western Sydney Region. The physical trophy is held by the last winning crew.

Who are the current holders of the Balls of Steel Trophy?

Neapen Rover Crew. 

How does another Crew challenge the Crew currently holding the Trophy?

The challenging Crew must contact the holder of the trophy to arrange a challenge that both Crews can agree on, including details such as those listed below. Once a challenge and details are agreed upon someone from either Crew must contact the Vice Chairman to present the challenge, the first Crew to do this gets the right to challenge for the trophy. The Vice Chairman will then address the challenging Crew at the next RRC meeting to make an announcement to the Region regarding the challenge, and time and place for other Crews to go and watch.

Vice Chairman (2019-2020): Kirsten Young

What details must be given when challenging a Crew?

The following details must be provided when a Crew challenges the bearing Crew:

  • Activity to be undertaken
  • Venue
  • Proposed dates (must provide at least 2 alternatives)
  • Time
  • Costs that may be involved
  • Any associated rules with the activity

What happens if two Crew's challenge the bearing Crew at an RRC?

The Crew that has contacted the Vice Chairman first in time prior to the RRC meeting will be deemed to be the Crew that can issue the challenge to the Crew that currently holds the trophy. However, if that Crew's challenge is deemed to be inappropriate, the second Crew will be given the opportunity to challenge the bearing Crew.


Who decides the outcome of a challenge?

Most times in a challenge it is easy to determine the winner, for example by using the existing rules of the game like Tennis. These rules should be made clear by the challenging team when agreeing on the challenge. In the case where a challenge is one that a winner is not easily decided, the Vice Chairman should attend as referee to decide the winner of the challenge. If not present at the challenge, the Vice Chairman should be notified as soon as possible after the event as to the outcome, by the challenging crew (whether they won or lost the challenge).


What are some examples of suitable challenges?
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Darts
  • Trivia
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Putt Putt Golf
  • Debate
  • Cook Off
  • Paintball


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