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     13th World Rover Moot Kenya


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Contingent Leader’s Welcome


Welcome to the Australian Contingent to the 13th World Scout Moot, Kenya 2010. My name is Michael Freeman and I’m the Australian Contingent Leader for the Moot.


World Scout Moots are held every four years for scouts between the ages of 18-26. Previously Moot’s have been held in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia and many other countries. However the 13th World Scout Moot will be special for two main reasons. Firstly there has not been a World Scout Moot since Taiwan in 2004 and secondly it is the first time that a World event will be held in Africa.


I am very excited and enthusiastic about the 13th World Scout Moot as it presents amazing leadership, teamwork and cultural opportunities to us young people that would never be possible in a day-to-day environment.  Not to mention that we will all make some awesome friends and have a fantastic time doing it! 


By signing up as part of the Australian Contingent your Moot journey has just begun. I hope that it will be a journey that pushes you out of your comfort zone and opens a new World of opportunities and experiences. Your experiences from now until the end of moot will be what you make them, so make the most of them.


Kwa herini (Goodbye),

Michael Freeman,

Australian Contingent Leader,

13th World Scout Moot.




There are two options for participants going to Moot. Both options include plane fares, travel insurance, contingent gear and other associated cost with attending the World Moot. The main difference between option A and B is that option A includes the pre moot tour and associated cost. The contingent team has worked exceptionally hard to make the moot as affordable as possible for all involved.


Option A - $7100

This includes the 8-Day pre tour around the Serengeti Trail, airfares, contingent gear, moot fee and more.


Option B - $5300

This includes your airfares, contingent gear, moot fee and more.




Upon confirmation of payment the Financial Director will issue receipts. When you have made a payment can you please advise the Financial Director by email.


Currently we do not have a Financial Director so the contingent leader will be handling this responsibility. If you are interested in helping out with the financial side of things please get in contact with the Contingent Leader.


Withdrawal Policy


If you decide for one reason or another that you can no longer attend the Moot, please let the Contingent Leader know as soon as possible. If you withdraw after the 15th March 2010 you may stand to lose the cost of the plane flight, moot fee and pre tour fee depending on the policy of the airlines, moot and tour provider. If you pull out before the 15th March the majority of your payment will be returned. Exact amounts will depend on when you pull out so please contact the Contingent Leader.




Currently, the pre-tour will be an 8-day pre-tour of the Serengeti with Intrepid Travel. However this has not been set in stone and can be changed, and if you have any other ideas please let the Contingent Leader know.


Africa is truly the cradle of life. You'll feel as though you've stepped into a nature documentary as you roam the famous Serengeti National Park, 15,000 sq km of rolling savannah that shelters an astounding array of animals from miniature dik-dik antelopes to the noble African elephant. It's even easier to spot wildlife among the ethereal vistas of the Ngorongoro Crater. But this is also a human journey that puts you among Kenya and Tanzania's bustling markets and plantations, and in the valleys inhabited by humankind's earliest ancestors. If you want to experience some of the most superb game viewing in Africa, then this will truly be a week to remember.


Spend eight days spotting iconic African wildlife in the Serengeti, shopping for local sculptures and textiles at a bustling Musoma market, camping amid sublime vistas high above the Ngorongoro Crater, visiting the home of our earliest ancestors, experiencing the grandeur of the Great Rift Valley, going on safari through the renowned Serengeti, and seeing exotic animals at play in the wild. The pre-tour will be a great way to see more of Africa while getting to know everyone in the contingent a little better.


For a detailed itinerary please see our website.


Moot Program

The Moot program will consist of the following:

  1. Four days community service and community development in the Expedition centres and its environs especially in the area of environment, development, health, education etc with active travelling, intercultural experiences and African adventure (safari) in the wilderness.
  2. Four days main camp activities to share your respective projects, exchange handicrafts, do cultural activities (special events), learn more about the issues of today’s world, meet various leaders (business, religious, political, civic, NGO, etc) and appreciate and celebrate international diversity.
  3. The Moot program will also provide opportunities for leadership skills development, personal development, teamwork skills and mentoring through a range of challenging activities
  4. Promotion of the Scouts of the World Award program in the areas of peace, development and environment as a step towards addressing the MDGs [Millennium Development Goals]
  5. The other key elements of the program will include the welcome and farewell ceremonies, free time to relax, workshops/ trainings and finally, discovering opportunities through GDV [Global Development Village] activities and home hospitality after the event for the interested individuals.

For detailed information on the Moot Program and a rough schedule see our website Also have a look at the moot sites to see what activities each has to offer.


Contingent Team


The Contingent Team is the group of Rovers and Leaders who are organizing everything that needs to be done to get the contingent to Africa. The members of the contingent team and their contact details are listed below. Please feel free to contact them if you have any issues.


The contingent team still has a number of vacancies so if you are able to help please contact the Contingent Leader. At the moment the wheels are moving very slowly. This is mainly due to the fact that these positions are not filled currently and as a result, the current members of the contingent team have to take on multiple roles.

Contingent Leader

Michael Freeman;

Public Relations and Promotion

Hannah Lord;




Administration Director

Kirra Coventry;



Deputy Contingent Leader                                            Unknown;

Finance Director

Website Manager






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