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MI6 has recently discovered the news of some potential 00's in NSW Australia this news came at a price we lost 4 agents in the field to get this Intel.

We also received a transmission of one of our agents before he was killed,
"The terrorist leader of trainers is trying to push the potentials 00's in doing BL1's and BL2's this can not happen its vital that the........."

The line went dead after that bond. MI6 wants you to head to Australia and kidnap the potentials and bring them back so they can be trained in a more efficient way of RI and RP, use any force necessary kill first ask questions later that’s our policy.

Your plane leaves in 2 hours good luck 007!



If you Choose to accept this mission you will be trained up to the level of Rover Intro and Rover Programing ALL IN THE ONE WEEKEND!!!

YES we know the branch ball is on that weekend and will encourage everyone to go as well in fact if was designed moot to coinside with ball to get higher numbers so dont stress all is good.

Training moot is an interactive training course that involes you completley instead of sitting in a boring class room, training moot was ran the same time last year with massive success and the participants raved about it weeks after!!!

So what are you waiting for get your self trained and become a famous 007!!

For more info email: or check out the facebook event page.


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