Thank you for submitting your application to OZMOOT and with just 117 days to go things are starting to come together.

Can everyone please get onto Mymoot and check if there is anything holding your application back, those with "initial" applications have in most cases the bulk of their application to complete and if you have decided to not join us for OZMOOT please change your status to "withdrawn" or email me. Others need photos or payment to become "moot accepted"

NSW Contingent applications
Very shortly I will put out applications to join the NSW contingent, this will include contingent gear selection and transport arrangements, just a reminder the contingent fee is $120 and includes a jersey, T-shirt, hat, name badge, 2 badges, 2 scarfs, moot tape and polo shirt plus the option to order extra items from the included pack or extras such as esky packs, Boardies and Towels

Transport to and from the event is at your own expense and arrangements however contingent transport is available if you wish but I highly recommend flying or road tripping it with other Rovers it will be in many cases cheaper and much more fun to go with your Rover mates.

I have in the past said a bus will be provided however this may not be the case if not enough people opt to travel with the contingent but regardless of how the contingent gets you there if you chose to have the NSW contingent take you there you will be looked after, not forgotten and you will arrive safe whether it be by bus or aircraft.

Before I send out a formal request for how you are travelling to moot with the NSW applications can people please return my email telling me how they will get there so I have a better idea on what mode of transport to quote on. At this stage Contingent transport will be around the $200 mark but this is not locked in.

Country Rovers should contact me ASAP to inform me of their travel arrangements

Bring a mate

The NSW Contingent is small in comparison to the amount of Rovers in NSW so if you have friends thinking of coming talk them into having the time of their lives and get them onto to sign up. Also if anyone would like more promo material or a visit from an OZMOOT promoter please contact me.


Pete Favelle
1st Epping Rover Crew
NSW BRC Vice-President
NSW Contingent Leader to OZMOOT 2011 Adelaide


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