OZ Moot Announcment



Late Fee pushed back!


The late fee will be pushed back one month and will come into effect after 31st October 2010. To avoid the late fee the applicant must


  • Have “submitted”(Not initial) their application by 31st October 2010 and
  • Have paid their moot fee by 15th November.



The closing date for all applications is December 1 2010. Any applications submitted after this date will be accepted at the discretion of the Moot Chairman.


Two exciting new Moot Packages have been announced and will be available soon

Two new “moot packages” will be made available to all Rovers and Staff, and offer some flexibility to those wishing to attend OZ Moot but can’t participate full time.




The Full Experience

This is the “traditional” moot package where Rovers and Staff are based at the moot full-time and go on an expedition. Rovers will have the opportunity to go on three off site day activities, while staff will get one (silver) activity.

Rovers: $750 + expedition

Staff: $550 + expedition


Experience OZ Moot

This package is for Rovers and Staff who cannot go on an expedition but wish to attend the moot for the on site days only. These participants will enjoy all the benefits of being a full-time “mooter” – including all accommodation, transport, meals, entertainment, on and off site activities. Transport will be provided to and from the moot site on January 2 and 6. All participants must be off site before lunch time on January 2 and be back on site after 5pm January 6.

Rovers: $800

Staff: $600


Taste The Moot

This package will be offered to Rovers and Staff who can only attend the moot for the first three days before expeditions. They must bring their own tent to sleep in. This package includes all meals, entertainment, on site activities, New Years Eve and New Years Day celebrations. All participants must be off site before lunch time on January 2. Transport will be provided to and from the moot site.

Rovers: $300

Staff: $300


Bring A Friend Promotion

OZ Moot is pleased to announce that we will be offering a “Bring A Friend” promotion which will run from 1st October to 1st December 2010. Two drink cards will be given to the referee participant for each friend that applies to OZ Moot during this period.


To qualify for the promotion the following must happen:

1. New participant applies on MyMoot between 1st October and 1st December 2010

2. Existing participant emails ADMIN () with the new participant’s name and Moot ID number (and their name and moot ID).

3. Once the new applicant has become “Moot Accepted” then the referee will receive an email from Admin letting them know that they have qualified for the promotion. The referee must bring their confirmation email with them to the moot to receive their bar cards.


This promotion is valid for all new applicants (including „Taste the Moot? and „Experience OZ Moot?) that apply during 1st October and 1st December 2010 and there is no limit to the number of times an existing participant can qualify.


Pete Favelle
1st Epping Rover Crew
NSW BRC Vice-President
NSW Contingent Leader to OZMOOT 2011 Adelaide
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