Lord Mayor's Picnic 2010

Some background about the event:

The picnic was started by the City of Sydney as a way of giving back to the community. Every year families are chosen by welfare agencies so that the families can have a worry free evening at the City of Sydney's expense. Volunteer groups, like NSW Rovers, have been lending a hand since the first event 14 years ago, and it is a fantastic time for all concerned.

You will need to be at Government House on December 31st at around 2.30pm (final time to be communicated closer to the event). The event finishes once the 9pm fireworks have finished, so this leaves a whole lot of time for you to enjoy your evening whilst still making a huge difference to so many lives.

This is a BRC Uniformed event. This means that the Blue Scout Shirt must be worn along with Beige pants and closed shoes. Members who turn up out of the stipulated previously mentioned uniform will not be admitted into this event.

This year we are expecting to have difficulty filling places due to the National Moot, OzMoot, happening in Adelaide starting on 30th December. If you are attending OzMoot you will not be able to attend this service activity.

For updates on this activity, go to the Facebook event!/event.php?eid=156634627687093 or contact NSW Rovers.

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