GWS Rovers - Bushfire Appeal Collection

Hi everyone, 
After talking with several administrators of the Bushfire relief efforts there was an obvious shortage of some donations to the victims of this months bushfires. Although the evacuation centres are receiving an inundation of donations they are still needing more essentials such as toiletries, baby products, money and vouchers. The Salvation Army and other organisations are running out of room to store donations or enough man power to sort through new/near new donations from well used/broken ones. 

As such, Merrylands Rover Crew have designed this flyer and will be having a collection for the Bushfire Victims. We invited other crews and regions to get involved as there is very little funds required just a hall and some rover manpower. 
Also please let your Venturer Units know as they are very keen to help with this cause. 

There are a number of steps to follow for this to be successful.. 
1- Edit/Print Flyers. These are designed to be able to fit 2-4 copies per A4 page for easy printing. Also your crew/group can edit the dates to give enough time for distribution. 
2 - Distribution. Have Venturers, Rovers, friends and family letterbox drop or to put up on community notice boards. Hand out to cub/joey parents and leave pile with local churches. As you collect cans for Hike for Hunger, slip these in peoples letterboxes. Full Uniform is greatly appreciated. 
3 - Collection.Again with Full Uniform at the times on the flyer, ensure that at least 3 Rovers are present at the collection point to take donations from members of the public. At the moment we are not wanting furniture or clothing (unless its infants summer wear Size 0000-2). As you receive donations sort them into the following piles: FOOD/DRINKS, BEDDING/CAMPING, LINEN/CURTAINS, BATTERIES, TOILETRIES, BATTERIES, INFANT GOODS, MONEY/VOUCHERS (to be collected by Rover in Charge). Also please be aware that all food, drinks and toiletries need to be sealed/unused. Use your imagination. Signs put up around the hall/drop-off area will help citizens to organise their donations. 
4 - Stocktake - Create a list of all items collected. Email to the .au and we will let you know what centre needs these goods. (eg 4x new brushes, 6x 4pk AA batteries, 2x BabyNam Formula Tins, $900 cash, $600 vouchers)
5 - Delivery - It will then be up to the crew/region to ensure that these goods get to the Evac Centre specified by the Region Co-ordinator. We will be in contact and let you know the closest/most important place for these goods to get to. 
Please note that if we receive too many donations, the extra donations will most likely be taken to Salvation Army and Wesley Mission to help as they see fit. 
Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the GWSRover Bushfire Appeal Team on .au


Ellen Dalby

Rover Member - 1st/2nd Merrylands Scout Group - Greater Western Sydney Region
0401 195 628

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