Rover Update 8 July 2014

While Angus treks the wild coastline of NSW for his Ramble, I his noble Vice, Johnathan, disperse the information this fortnight.




YOU NEED TO REGISTER TODAY! Break out your opera glasses, it's time for Gangshow. This year there is a Venturer ... and Rover night, so if i were you I'd try and go then. This night has been organised to allow the rovers to get together beforehand, and make Gangshow about more than just watching a show. It's $25 for Gangshow, and $22 for a two course meal beforehand. (Note, Thanks to those that have already come to see the Show! The Cast and Crew appreciate your support) More details at:


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Snow moot is just around the corner, and the two things to remember are: Don't eat the yellow snow, and don't forget to buy your ticket.


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Do you like the bush, do you like walking? Why not do both? The Bushwalking level two course sounds like the place to be. Over the weekend you'll see bush, and do walking, and hopefully get a qualification at the end of it. Who know's you might make friends too. More details to come, check link for updates


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Don't jump! Not till you've attached yourself to the rope at least. The abseiling skills day is a great way to let it all hang out ... over the edge at Bowen mountain. If abseiling sounds like you're jam, why don't you check it out.


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It's that time again! BRC time. That's right, the Branch Rover Council is meeting up to discuss rovers. It's the best. I'll be there! GWS gets four Rover votes, lets make them all count. It will be held at Scouts NSW office (Level 1, 102 Bennelong Parkway, Olympic Park) at 2 pm on the 2nd of August.


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Guess what? Our Region Rover Council meeting is here. This is the time where you get to work out what GWS Rovers are going to do! The meetings are fulled with fun and laughter, and a little bit fo scout work. Is your crew going to be there? The August RRC will be held at Nepean's Rover Den, on Lethbridge Street, Penrith, opposite the Nepean Hospital. We'll start at 7:30pm. Don't be late.




It's not long until you'll be required to unsheathe your swords and sharpen you claws for the 2014 Greater Western Sydney Region Moot - Man Vs. Monster Moot. Pre-sale tickets are well underway at $35 each and 2nd Castle Hill Rover Crew wants to see you and all your rover, ex-rover, OP Guide and non-rovering friends come along for a monster of a weekend at Camp Ku-Ring-Gai in Ebenezer. For More info:


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All Rovers like putting their best foot forward, don’t they? Service moot will be an awesome opportunity for you and your Rover Crew to help out and provide some much needed Service to Scouting. This year we will help out at 4th Castle Hill Scout Hall between the hours of 9.30am Saturday and 11am on Sunday. 30-31st August 2014. Please bring any paint brushes, rollers, roller trays, gardening equipment and general tools, so that we can clean up the hall quickly and efficiently. Also, with lack of Balls of Steel requests in the past 12 months, we will be doing round robin Soccer Competition to attempt to take the prized goods off Nepean. All crews should hope to will the balls! More details soon! Looking for crew fundraiser for dinner and breakfast.




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