Rover Update 19 August 2014

Wise words from Baden Powell, on Fishing … I think:

“A fisherman does not bait his hook with food he likes. He uses food the fish likes.”

QS/BP Government House Presentation

You know what’s fun? Helping out at the QS/BP presentation at Government House. It’s a great service opportunity, and not a difficult one either. For the most part it just involves doing a few things around the place to ensure it’s ready to go; e.g. laying out programs. It’s not that time consuming either. It will only take a few hours. It’s scheduled for the 23rd of August, from 8:30am - 12:30pm. If you’re interested in lending a hand, let me know; .

Service Moot

All Rovers like putting their best foot forward, don’t they? Service moot will be an awesome opportunity for you and your Rover Crew to help out and provide some much needed Service to Scouting. This year we will help out at 4th Castle Hill Scout Hall between the hours of 9.30am Saturday and 11am on Sunday. 30-31st August 2014. Please bring any paint brushes, rollers, roller trays, gardening equipment and general tools, so that we can clean up the hall quickly and efficiently. Also, with lack of Balls of Steel requests in the past 12 months, we will be doing round robin Soccer Competition to attempt to take the prized goods off Nepean. All crews should hope to will the balls! More details soon! Looking for crew fundraiser for dinner and breakfast.
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BRC Meeting

We are once again on the cusp of greatness. With the next in a series of BRC meetings nearing ever closer it is time to stand up and represent our region. This BRC meeting will feature such great discussions as what we had for lunch, our plans for that evening, and other rover specific topics. If previous BRC meetings are anything to go off, fun is not a strong enough adjective to describe the experience. Beginning at 2pm, the 13th September at State Office, it will prove once again what the BRC is all about.
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It’s like Dragonskin, but it’s not. Now I’m confused. Might be worth checking out the Golden West Region’s annual Ratskin, to see what’s it’s all about. Word on the street is that it’s like Dragonskin, but backwards. Venturers run activities for Rover, and Leaders. If you’re interested in attending, Mark Fell is organising Great Western Sydney’s efforts. His email is .
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Like a flower blossoming in the summer sun; BUD will once again will prove to be a spectacular show. The Venturers are organising a camp to showcase their talents to the prospective Scouts section, and have asked for our help on the weekend. If you are interested, get in contact with Aaron Wardle ().
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Mexican Moot

Mexican Moot is this years Branch Moot, and it promises to be the best Branch Moot in recent memory. Ever been to Mexico? Well now’s your chance. Save 1000s of dollars travelling to Mexican Moot, where no effort has been spared in ensuring Mexico comes to you. With cultural experiences the likes of which you’ve never seen, and friendly locals to show you the way. This four day extravaganza over the October long weekend (3-6 October) will never be repeated. With prices so low you can’t believe it, at $55 for partially catered experience, and $80 for the fully catered experience, you better book now, before places fill up.
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Wara-who? Waratah! This years Waratah brings with it a Doctor Who theme, and with it the need for Rovers to help run activities. The activities have all been organised, so all you have to do is show up on the day. If you would like to add some poetic licence, you are free to add to the base as you see fit.
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If you would like to have anything added to the next update, let us know -  

Angus Boxall
Chairman GWS Region Rover Council

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