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10th - 12th November 2017


This is a sydney wide event, where your sleeping locations are part of the event mystery.

Applications are Now Open on the GWS EMS system - Applications close at midnight on the 21st October 2017

Promotional Materials

Please print off the promotional poster for Waratah 2017 and distribute to your unit.

Pre-Waratah Activity

The Pre-Waratah activitie is an optional task that will qualify your team for a bonus reward.

The Pre-Waratah activities are ongoing on the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/GWSWaratah


Your Team

Each Team should consist of between 4 and 7 youth members over the age of 14.

Scouts over the age of 14 are eligible to attend with a maximum of two Scouts per team.

All Units in attendance must be accompanied by at least one adult leader.

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