Winter Water Activites

Written by Suzanne Cornell.

GWS Region Water Activities Team have a fine series of winter canoe hikes planned for the weekends of 23-24 June (Upper to mid Hawkesbury – suitable for inexperienced paddlers) (Click here to go to the EMS for this event),

28-29 July (Lower Hawkesbury – Possible Red and  Blue Cord hike)

and 1-2 September (Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (Pittwater Paddle) possible Red and blue cord hikes). 

Winter and Spring paddling is great, as it is not too hot and the waterways are less congested with pleasure boats and skiers.  It is a great opportunity for Venturers, Rovers and Leaders transitioning from Level 1 to Level 2 qualifications.

Parramatta on the Hawkesbury” canoe hike is suitable for youth members and adults who have some canoeing experience (preferably done a couple of day trips and who can keep up with a leisurely pace of paddling at 4kph).  It is not a basic novice hike, as the Hawkesbury currents are quite strong at the  lower end of the river and we will be paddling against the tide on day 2.  I will be going on this hike and intend teaching participants some of the tricks of reading the river to avoid tangling with the strong currents and eddies.  The hike is quite short, being only 15kms each day, so no one will be tired.  We will be having lunch at Spencer (where you can buy decent food and coffee if you wish) and camping at Gentleman’s Halt overnight (Free camping – Composting Toilets but no water or firewood). 

We have no intention of getting wet on this journey (apart from feet getting in and out of the canoes….).  On the return trip, we will be exploring the wreck of the HMAS Parramatta from the water.  Cost for this trip is $50 to cover the cost of using the Region boats.  Self-catered and lightweight hiking/camping equipment to be provided by the participants. Participants must bring own water for two days’ supply.  We will have an opportunity to refill water at Spencer each day.  It’s an early start on the Saturday to ensure a sweet paddle on the incoming tide up to Spencer.

Click here to go to the EMS to register and for further information.

Information on the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” paddle on Pittwater in September will follow soon. 

Tracey Hansford

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