Ratskin 2008 wrap up

Written by Frank Barr.

by Frank Barr

The annual Ratskin competition was held on the 19th to 20th September in Macquarie Woods State Forest between Bathurst and Orange. Ratskin is designed along the lines of the more
famous Dragonskin (Easter Venturer activity) with one notable difference. The activities are organized by Venturers and Leaders enter teams to compete!

This year, the organizing Region was Golden West. Venturers from all over were invited to set up activity bases and GWSR was well represented by 1st Emu Plains (bases 14 and 29) and 1st Kings Langley (bases 11 and 18). GWSR also entered a team made up of Western Zone Venturer Leaders to compete.

We arrived Friday night and were presented with a well prepared set of maps and notes ready for action. Saturday was a full day and we managed to find and complete all 13 bases. Sunday was
an early finish (2pm) with 10 bases and less distance between them. Again, we completed all activities with minutes to spare. Our persistence gained us 4th position overall. A very satisfying result considering not one of our team had been to a Ratskin before!

The weather was magnificent all weekend. This added to the enjoyment and full marks to the organising Venturers for putting it all together. The standard was very high and it is a credit to all
concerned. The one disappointment was the low number of Leader teams competing. It was a pity that only 11 teams were entered, the preparation deserved more.

The activity is open to all Section Leaders. What about all the Joey, Cub and Scout Leaders lining up for Ratskin 2009? Come along and see the fruits of all your hard work turning into young adults.

Like us, you can also have fun while getting close to nature (under tarpaulins, up trees and crawling blindfolded etc).

Congratulations again to all youth members involved, especially 1st Kings Langley and 1st Emu Plains from our own Region.

For further information, contact one of the team members or Frank Barr 4758 6472 or 0409 128 310

2008 Ratskin Team
Windy Willows
(Photo L to R)
Mr. Toad Chris Hanson Oakville
Weasel Robert McMaster Oakville
Ratty Frank Barr Hazelbrook
Puss Carol McGarry Oakville
Badger Phil Gane Emu Plains
Mole Gary Riches Oakville
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