NSW Cuboree 2011

Written by Aaron Wardle.

The hugely successful "Time Warp" Cuboree has now come to a close.

As I write this article from Cataract, almost everyone has left the site and by now should be enjoying some well deserved rest and relaxation following this amazing camping experience.

A special thanks to all of the Scouts and Venturers who attended the event to ensure that the activities were a huge highlight for all of the participating Cub Scouts. GWS had the highest attendance of Junior Service Leaders of any Region with a total of 31 Scouts and 14 Venturers completing valuable service throughout the Cuboree. Well done!

All of the packs and activity leaders have remarked on the huge effort and determination by the Junior Service Leaders to make the Cuboree experience a warm and enjoyable experience for all participants and this is very much appreciated and applauded. Indeed, we look forward to seeing each of the volunteers returning for other upcoming events in the future.

Finally, may we think of our Scouting family from the North Coast of NSW who were unable to return home at the end of the Cuboree due to the recent severe flooding to envelope the area. We do hope that you are able to continue your journey home as soon as possible.

The next NSW Cuboree is in January 2014.

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