Bud 2011: Try Venturing Camp

Written by Aaron Wardle.

Bud 2011 is a Try Venturing activity targeted at Scouts aged over 13 years to allow them the opportunity to meet Venturer Scouts from across the Region and to encourage Scouts to learn more about the activities on offer in the Venturer Scout section. Participation in this activity will contribute to requirements for the Try Venturing Badge.

Organising Team
One of the key points of Bud is that it is coordinated by the Venturers themselves with some leaders providing mentorship and keeping everything on track. The following organising team has been appointed for Bud this year.

Camp Chiefs - Angus Boxall (1st Winston Hills, Parramatta) and Patt Watts (1st Oakville, Nepean)
Administration & Finance - Caitlin Trindall (1st Hazelbrook, Nepean)

Activities Director - Mitchell Hodgson (1st Ermington, Parramatta)
Catering Manager - Brad Hopkins (1st Oakville, Nepean)
Sites & Services Manager - Kieran Glacken (1st Westmead, Blacktown)
Mentors Co-ordinator - Matthew Knox (1st Ermington, Parramatta)

Also involved in the organising team are: Hamish Edwards, Jarrod Allen (Comms Manager), Jordan Edwards, Lauren Pritivera, Mitch Burke and Tiffany Lawlor. Any Venturers wanting to be involved in the organisation of this event are more than welcome to join this team.

Steve and Aaron are acting as Mentors to the team, with occasional involvement from various members of the Waratah Team.

Date and Location
The location has been booked for Glenrock Scout Camp near Newcastle.
Venturers will be moving in from 7:00pm, Friday 9th September.
Scouts will be moving in from 9:00am, Saturday 10th September.
The camp will finish at 3:30pm Sunday 11th September.

Invited Participants
The camp will be open to any Scout over the age of 13 as of the 9th September 2011.

All Venturers who have achieved thier Venturing Skills Award are welcome to come to the camp as Staff Members working under the areas listed above.

Rovers and Leaders (Both Scout and Venturer) are welcome to come, but will be at camp in a Supervisory and Support role only.

A1 forms are now available from the Calendar pages of this website. Please be careful to download the correct form (Scouts or Venturers).

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