Mawson Scholarship in Leadership

Written by Aaron Wardle.


The “Mawson Scholarship in Leadership” is a new national training program for Venturer Scouts aged 15 to 18 years.

The course will be conducted at Bay Park, Victoria from 11am Monday 3 October to 3pm Friday 7 October 2011.


30 participants will be selected to attend the course and will be divided into five patrols. Each participant should have completed the Venturer Scout Leadership Course (or similar) prior to attending the course. Participants should also hold a current leadership role or have recent leadership experience.

During the camp, participants will receive instruction on Teamwork and the Scout Method; Behaviour Management and Conflict Resolution; Effective Programming and Activity Planning; Communication and Effective Public Speaking; Decision Making and Problem Solving; Policy and Administration; Financial Management; and Media and Public Relations.

All participants will be issued with a certificate upon completion of the course. The reverse side of this certificate will document all sessions and skills covered by the training program.

Participants will be accommodated in dormitories at the venue and full catering will be supplied. The cost to participants is $100. All remaining costs, including the cost of flights to Melbourne (where required) will be paid, pro-rata, by the individual Branches.

The selection of participants will be managed by each Branch. Each Branch will nominate a specific quota of candidates. The National Youth Program Team will then select additional applicants as required to fill any remaining vacancies on the recommendation of each Branch.

Application Forms available here.

Applications close 30 June 2011

Any questions about the program should be directed to



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