Blacktown District Masterchef Challenge

Written by Aaron Wardle.

On the evening of Friday 1 July 2011, Blacktown District Venturers held their annual Masterchef Challenge.

Organised by Hannah and Sean of 1st Kings Langley, four teams competed for the winning position.

Judged by Sandra Parker, Matt Vella, Steve Wallace and Aaron Wardle, the competitors prepared three courses:

1. An entree with the special ingredient: brussel sprouts.

2. A main course of pork.

3. A dessert from a mystery box of 9 ingredients.

Needless to say, all of the judges survived the evening and all who attended had an enjoyable time.

Special prizes were awarded for best presentation of each course, and the best use of the special ingredient.

An overall prize was awarded to 1st Westmead who were declared the winners of the evening!

Congratulations to everyone who participated. It was an excellent night and we all look forward to the next exciting installment in 2012. Congratulations especially to Hannah and Sean for doing such a great job in organising the entire program. Well done!

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