Survivor Bud 2011

Written by Aaron Wardle.

Survivor Bud 2011 was successfully held at Glenrock Scout Camp last weekend.

The Bud Leadership Team worked exceptionally well to organise and run the entire camp. Congratulations to the following Venturers for your effort and dedication on the team:

  • Pattrick Watts - 1st Oakville
  • Mitchell Hodgson - 1st Ermington
  • Matthew Knox - 1st Ermington
  • Jarrod Allan - 1st Westmead
  • Bradley Hopkins - 1st Oakville
  • Kieran Glacken - 1st Westmead

Thank you as well to Steve Wallace on mentoring the team in ensuring that all planning was completed on time and an enjoyable weekend was had by all participants. And thanks to all of the other Venturers, Leaders and Rovers who assisted in running activities, catering and other roles over the weekend.

I sincerely hope that all of the Scouts had a great time camping with Venturers from around the Region. This was a perfect opportunity to interact and I look forward to seeing each of the Scouts at Venturer events in the future.

Scouts may use this activity as part of their Try Venturing Badge. Any Scout who completes another two visits to their local unit is eligible for the award. Contact your nearest Venturer Unit for further details.

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