Operation Dragnet This Weekend

Written by Aaron Wardle.

Exams are now over and the pinnacle event of the year has now arrived!

You Can Run...
You May Hide...
But can you escape the Dragnet?


All participants are due to arrive at Lithgow at 9PM Friday.


Emergency Contact = Jodi Woods on (02) 9832 4787 or 0414 393 382


Expected Weather = 24-25°C and sunny conditions by day, 6-7°C and full moon by night


Minimum Gear = All equipment on the minimum gear list will be checked prior to boarding the buses into the forest.

Suitable clothing for hot and cold conditions are required for all participants.





****** UPDATE ******

It is now 9PM on Saturday and the forest is eerily quiet. Seekers are completing night missions to take as many lives as possible and the teams are positioning themselves to attack the finish line at midday tomorrow. The winning position is still up for grabs. Good luck to all the Venturers in this exciting challenge!



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