Pre-Waratah Activity 2012

Written by Aaron Wardle.

The Pre-Waratah activities for 2012 have been announced.

The Pre-Waratah activities are optional challenges that will qualify your team for a bonus reward. Whilst these tasks are NOT compulsory, they are very worthwhile for every Venturer Scout to attempt as completing a Pre-Waratah Activity usually prepares you for the fun and excitement you will encounter when you get to Waratah in November.

Task One is to have at least some of your team share a meal with members from the Rover section and submit a photograph with your Team Application Form.

Task Two is to have as many members as possible of your team complete their Unit Management, Leadership or Initiative course before the event.

Click here to download a full copy of the requirements.

Click here to download the A1 for the Annual Formal Regressive Maccas Dinner hosted by Kings Langley Rovers on Saturday 5 May 2012 (an easy option to complete task one!) co
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