Waratah 2012 **Updated**

Written by Aaron Wardle.

The Knights of Camelot arrived at Camp Coutts this Friday evening for Waratah 2012.

19 teams attended the event representing Units from across the Region for a weekend of fun activities - including a grand banquet on Saturday evening.


Saturday saw our newest Fellowship members invested. The Waratah Activity Scout Fellowship will allow strong supporters of the Venturer Scout section to become members of Scouting without the weekly commitment as a section leader. These volunteers are vital to the success of Waratah and several other events in the Venturer calendar and their contributions are very much appreciated. Congratulations and welcome to the association!


Thank you to all of the Leaders and Rovers for your huge effort in making Waratah 2012 the success it was. Catering exceeded all expectations with an absolutely amazing banquet. Support succeeded in having no serious injuries across the weekend. Admin and Comms kept the weekend on track in one of our tightest competitions ever. Sites and Services must be applauded for ensuring the campsite was left cleaner than when we arrived. All of our staff on Activities must be congratulated on the creativity of the Quests. And our Command team - ably led by King Arthur (aka Matt Vella) - made sure that everything came together in such an enjoyable weekend.


Congratulations to team Godspeed from 1st Westmead in winning Waratah 2012: The Knights of Camelot!


Well done to everyone and we look forward to another amazing event next year in Waratah 2013 – The Amazing Race!

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